Luscious Fresh launches autumn sugar snap & snow pea export season

“Recently we've been running a snow pea and sugar snap campaign twice a year,” explains Sherry, export manager at Luscious Fresh. “In July we started to plant for our Autumn harvest. July and August are usually wet months in China, known as their rainy season, and this brings additional risks for our harvest. However, this summer, the weather has been stable.” 

“We plan to start our harvest in the middle of September, which is also when our exports to Europe start. We have begun to spread out our planting, so that we can cover non-stop supply from September until Christmas. Based on our past export experience, we know that during this period, demand from Europe is strong, and it forms a good export window to this market.”

“In addition, we have also invested in new packaging options. We are researching to start packing in 1.5 kg bags, and we are preparing smaller packaging of 200 grams per bag.” 
“Finally, our Australian sister company Royal Fresh is now exporting snow peas from Australia to Europe as well. We can supply Australian produce from the middle of September until the end of October. Our biggest crop will be snow peas, or mangetout, which are popular with our clients. From Australia we will only be organising air shipments.”
“Our main focus is on Chinese peas, which we will ship both by air and sea container.”
“We hope for good weather in these last weeks of summer and welcome everyone who is interested in snow peas and sugar snaps, to reach out to us.”
Royal Fresh will attend Asia Fruit Logistica at 3-Q17/Hall 3D, Taste Australia, Asia Fruit Logistica 2017, Sept.6th~8th.